YUL16, in collaboration with the FIIC, (#FIICYUL16) are happy to present the latest details about the Montreal 2016 World Championship and World Games of Inter-crosse.


The hosting committee is proud to offer you the sport facilities, accommodation in school dorm and food court in Montreal, all together at the Brebeuf College.


The World Championship will be played on July 22-26, 2016.

The World Games will be hosted on July 26-30, 2016.


We are optimistic that we will be able to propose lower costs in the next weeks, based on our current sponsorship negotiations.


Please note that presented fees are based on Canadian Dollars. Conversion in Euros is for comparison only, as the participant will need to assume the conversion and the banking transfer fees for the registration.



World Championship:


Registration fee per team: $ 1,375 CA/€ 875


Additional cost per participant, including access to opening and closing ceremonies:

1 – no accommodation or meal:                          $ 115 CA/€ 75

2 – no accommodation + lunch every day:          $ 155 CA/€ 100

3 – accommodation + 3 meals per day:               $ 305 CA/€ 200



World Games:


Cost per participant, including access to opening and closing ceremonies, registration fee and game jersey:

4 – no accommodation or meal:                           $ 260 CA/€ 165

5 – no accommodation + lunch every day:           $ 300 CA/€ 190

6 – accommodation + 3 meals per day:                $ 460 CA/€ 300


Savings for participants to both events:               $80 CA/€ 50





Teams: please contact us at info@intercrosse.ca with your nation’s name, approximative number of players per team. A first payment of $375 CA will be required by April 1st. Final payment will be expected by May 15th.


Players: individual registration will be mandatory for all participants to both the World Championship and the World Games. A first payment representing 25% of the individual fees will be required by April 1st. Final payment will be expected by May 15th. Savings for World Championship and World Games participants will be applied on final payment.


Individual registration forms:




You should follow us on facebook.com/montreal2016 and on Twitter @Montreal2016ic.


Looking forward to see you all in Montreal in July!








(1) About the Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse (FIIC)
Created in Paris in 1985, the FIIC is an international federation gathering national federations for the purpose of contributing, by the promotion of the sport of inter-crosse, to the education of a better citizen. The sport of inter-crosse rests on upon the values of movement, autonomy, respect and communication.
(2) About YUL16
Hosting committee in charge of the World Championship and the World Games of Inter-crosse, presented in Montreal on July 22-30, 2016. Affiliated to the Quebec Lacrosse Federation (FCQ), this group of inter-crosse fanatics wants to contribute to the promotion of the elite inter-crosse programs and also giving back to the associated communities.