#FIICYUL2016 – Informations about the 2016 FIIC events

The formula of the World Cup has be reviewed and will provide more flexibility, in order to allow more teams to participate and avoid having to cancel the event in case not enough team would register. Here are the details:

• The new elite competition of the FIIC will be called “FIIC inter-crosse World Championship”.
• It will be a world-class, high-level competition, gender distinct (separated competition for women and men).
• Member nations can send as many teams as they want; these teams will be named after the nation’s name and a sequential number (ie: Germany-1, Germany-2, etc.).
• Member nations who could not send a full team can associate and send a combined team.
• If two or more teams from Europe would register, Québec/Canada will provide two teams and the competition will be a standard tournament with a minimum of 4 teams.
• If only one team from Europe would register, Québec/Canada will also provide one team and there will be a “best of seven” competition, where the two teams will play against each other until a team reaches four wins and become world champions.

We discussed many formulas and we think that this is a very good alternative to the former World Cup, which proved unsuccessful in the past editions. However, after the event we will do a post-mortem, analyze all the details and make appropriate improvements for the future.